Joker king


In the latest release from Icon Ltd., the Joker King slot machine sports an all new playability that sets it apart from other slot machines in the casino. On the outside, the machine looks like it has been lifted right out of a video game, complete with the joker face and characteristic purple color scheme. However, upon closer inspection, the joker is nowhere to be found, instead, the slot machine consists of a rectangular pattern of colored lights. Further examination reveals that the face of the joker is just a part of the larger, two layered puzzle that forms the playfield of the casino game. The unique casino game design takes cues from both classic video games (Pac Man, etc.)

For those of you unfamiliar with the theme of the Joker King, the joker is a fictional character that appears in many of the Batman games, and his aim is to stop the superhero from winning. In this game, the joker has been transformed into a real-life casino game where players must strategically think their way through his casino hotel and win the highest amount of the jackpot prize. While playing this game you’ll be treated to a series of wild symbols as you move through the casino, some of which look suspiciously similar to certain movie scenes (like the skull face in the Batman: Gotham City video game). Some of these symbols can also be used as passwords or cheats, hence requiring the player to think ahead when they see them on the slots display.

There are three versions of the game, all of which come with their own features, including an interface that includes cheats, wild symbols and a leaderboard. The online slot versions feature all of the same options, with the bonus being that you’ll be able to play the game while listening to the theme song from the movie; additionally, the online slot version includes the “Joker Card”, a custom joker figure that appears on every single reel of the actual slot machines. As you can probably guess, this figure changes depending on who wins, hence making it a very exciting game. The figures are sold separately and come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and are quite detailed. This means that not only do you get to keep the Joker King himself, but you also get to use him in your collection of other casino-themed figures.