Gates of olympus


Playing the Gates of Olympus is a casino game that is based on the story of Greek mythological characters. Take a voyage into the house of ancient Greek deities. The Gates of Olympus Slot is a 6-reels progressive casino game in which you win by matching symbols on any areas. It is compatible with PCs, iPhones, and Android phones and you could play for a good variety of stakes at any of the top online casinos.

The main characters include the goddess Aphrodite, the god of love, Cupid, the god of wealth, Dakynthos, the god of healing, and Panthro, the god of war. Players have the prefect symbols to earn points. Each player starts with three gates and these are reels that spin indefinitely. As the game moves forward, new symbols are added, ones that do not already exist on the reels. They can be bought and placed on a gate to change its number, move it to another gate, or rotate it. When enough symbols have been bought, they will be automatically added to all the gates, thereby changing their number, changing their position, or moving them around the reels.

A variety of categories give players opportunities to switch between free spins and real money games. As you progress through the levels, new symbols are unlocked and upgrades are available. Some of these include upgrading the gates, increasing the amount of money that can be won, gaining an extra life, and even winning special prizes like the jackpot itself. If you want to enjoy a Greek mythology theme with a bit of luck, the Gates of Olympus slots are the way to go.