Floating dragon hold and spin


Trying to determine how many times you will win in the no deposit casino game called Floating Dragon Hold and Spin? Try the free demo version for up to 30 minutes without signing up or downloading any software. This is perfect for the neophyte players who have yet to experience the excitement of playing actual gambling games online. This version allows you to play the game without having to download anything or register.

You are provided with five floating dragon holds that are laid on a grid of four by four on the gaming platform. You are then given a fish that you need to select in the center of the grid. The five spinning chutes will spin in order and the player must guide the fish through the maze to reach the goal area. The objective of the game is for you to collect as many gold coins as possible. However, you are not able to use the fish money symbol while playing this version of the game. The only way you can earn points is by collecting as many coins as you can.

The diamond money symbol helps you move your fish through the different levels of the grid faster. On the fifth level the grid switches to a square instead of a rectangular shape. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the flies that land on your fish. Once you have eliminated all flies the gold coins will start to fall.